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Lots of rhubarb and a naughty ghost

Remember, that ghost I mentioned before?  She’s back.  And I don’t think she is keen on my cooking. She’s only done a couple of things recently: She turned on the TV while we were in the kitchen and the remote … Continue reading

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Reasons number 3289752 – 3289754

So, once again, we should thank our lucky stars that this Pog is only an Auntie rather than a Mummy.  And this is why: Little Pea came to Beachville for a short stay this weekend. Nanny and Grandad brought him … Continue reading

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Meals on wheels….almost

I know I often bimble on about Bumpkinsville countryside and wildlife, but Mum and Dad’s Bumpkinsville is a whole different level to what I have been used to.  The other morning two deer ran out infront of my car , … Continue reading

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Really real running

A while back I was told I was a real runner as I’d managed to acquire my first blister.  I was then called something else entirely when I put a plaster on the blister, ran again and got a blister … Continue reading

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No Heimlich maneuver needed

People who know me tend to agree that I am really, really good at one thing:  Panicking. I’ve not managed to prove the point very often, but there is a small occasional exception:  When something actually worth panicking about happens. … Continue reading

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Pop! And other randomness

Today I went the the doctor for my B12 injection. I have a thingy called pernicious anaemia and have to be injected every three months to stay upright /awake/able to breathe properly etc. It’s a bit of a rubbish feeling … Continue reading

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Stay away from the Ribena

This week has been a roller coaster week.  This is just one of the incidents: I’d been working for almost 12 hours non stop but hadn’t made much of a dent on my to do list, so I decided to … Continue reading

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