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Enormousness of the calf variety

My sisters and I all have a bit of a weird affliction. It’s our legs; our calves to be specific. They are big. Really big. Abnormally big. We all do a fair amount of exercise too which moves them from … Continue reading

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A note to Mary Berry

Mary Berry, I think I might love you. Me, the Pog who mostly eats toast, actually cooked last night.  I mean, with all different ingredients that I had to buy separately and use more than one pot to combine.  I was … Continue reading

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Don’t mind the gaps

This time last year I said I didn’t think there would be time for resolutions. It turns out leaving some gaps was a good plan. I’ve done the usual pog things – crocheted, baked (mostly badly), yoga-ed, spent lots of … Continue reading

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Pog Towers post

I was going to write this post feeling entertained, but a tiny bit humphy that the only interesting mail to arrive at Pog Towers this week was for Norman…. (It was in response to a card he had written to … Continue reading

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Internet dating: profile photos and how not to do them.

Last night I went out with some friends and did something a little bit unkind.  In my defense, there were a series of events leading up to this which probably didn’t help: I took this week as leave from work … Continue reading

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The benefits of a bump on the head

On Saturday I shut my head in my car door.  I don’t mean that the door closed on it gently, – I mean I somehow managed to confuse ‘being in the car’ with ‘getting in the car’ and slammed it … Continue reading

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A furball shaped issue

I think I might have a bit of a problem. It comes in the shape of Norman Cat. You might remember he went through a rather long stage of bringing me home a neighbour’s dinner – pork chops, sausages, salmon, an entire … Continue reading

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