Proactive Pog

I don’t know quite what has happened to me recently – I’ve become all proactive. (Usually I’d just accept things and get on with it).

BT made a decision to disconnect my broadband for no good reason so I called to complain…and received a cheque in the post from them.

The payments on the washing machine insurance went up so I called to say it was no longer worth it, and they cut payments to lower than they were in the first year.

My neighbours deposited a dirty nappy in my outside bin (which had no bag in it) so I threw it back towards their five bins (it wasn’t like they have a shortage).  Last night they were still making so much noise at 11.30pm that my ear plugs wouldn’t block them out.  As this happens more nights than it doesn’t, I finally lost it and screamed through the wall for them to shut up.  I instantly regretted that combined with nappy gate as they are not the sort of people you want to upset, but today all of them have said hello to me and told me that one of the children is away for the whole weekend.  We can all get some sleep – hooray!

But there is one bit of proactiveness that’s not worked…yet.  I know you all like my daft date stories, but as I paid for the service (not full price, but that’s not the point) I hoped that there would be something positive to come out from of the Introduction Agency.  And frankly, nothing has so far, and the most recent profile suggests that it wouldn’t be 3rd time lucky.  So I wrote this e-mail:

Thank you for sending through XXX’s profile – you’d actually sent it to me last year too.

I’ve spoken to a few people about the two dates I have had with you so far and they have expressed surprise that I’ve been matched with those I have.  I’d be the first person to agree that you don’t have to have a large number of things in common with a partner, but I do believe you have to have some similarities – in outlook or beliefs – or there is absolutely no common ground to build on.  YYY was someone who I would actively avoid if I had met in any other social setting – and that is irrespective of his views on smoking.  As I said to you after each date, I’d be happy to give you some feedback on both if that helps with future matching.

Based on this, my friends suggested that I ask you why you have matched me with XXX?  It is very hard to tell much about him from his profile (who doesn’t like having dinner with friends or going abroad?) and  I don’t want to waste his time, or mine.  I’d also like to avoid a repeat of the last date.  It was funny once, I think if another date was that bad though, I’d probably not see the funny side (and may consider joining the nearest convent!)

That was last week and there has been no response so far.  I don’t think it is unreasonable (is it?).  I’m hoping the silence is due to a holiday or something and not because on this one, I am beyond help.  I’ll keep you posted :o)

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