Transferable smiles (possibly)

I like taking photographs of things that make me smile. I like being able to look through them at times when dragging a smile requires a bit of help, or when the world has gone a bit bonkers or just because I can. In case they are transferable and are needed, here are some recent ones:

One of the labels Dad wrote on his and Mum’s homemade chutney:

Turning this:

Into this homemade elderflower cordial (and it actually tastes quite good, too!):

Sharing the sun….and my comfy spot with a four legged friend:

Realising that my petunias weren’t petunia-ing because….well, because I was removing the new buds, rather than the dead ones. Correcting this and finally getting some colour:

Watching himself fold his work shirts in the only way possible that doesn’t result in liberal spreading of Norman fur (and never once moaning about my enthusiastically moulting fur ball):

Seeing this man feeding seagulls:

Himself offering to go and buy ‘a couple of steaks for the barbecue’ and coming back with enough food for the entire weekend. Literally:

Norman trying his luck:

Himself suggesting that ‘perhaps installing the train app on my phone’ would make more sense than writing down numerous connections and options on post it notes and sticking them to my phone….

Auntie Pog over excitement at having Little Pea and Little Wisp together in the same place at the same time (because Little Wisp is so blimin’ amazing that rather than 8 weeks in the hospital as expected, she came out after 2 weeks and 6 days!)

And Himself remembering me saying that sunflowers are my favourite, because you can’t help smiling when you see one:


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