Stupidness examples

In our family we have always been taught to look after all animals.  We rescue bugs rather than squish them (wasps and midges being the exceptions as they don’t have a good side), Sister 2 seems to have has more than her fair share of trips to the vets with local injured wildlife and Sister 1 has an uncanny knack of finding recently deceased cats which she wraps with (an apparently never ending supply of) towels from the boot of her car and does her best to find an owner.  Last Sunday my Dad and I spent a long time extracting a butterfly using a pint glass, a tall stool and a card that had got itself stuck in Sister 1’s kitchen to be sure that it definitely got out.

My lesson this week though, is that glasses should be worn in these rescue situations.  In the shower the other morning I saw a moth on the side of the bath which wasn’t moving – presumably because I’d got his wings wet.  I showered really carefully so as not to get him any more soggy and once out, I really gently moved him onto my finger tip, blew very gently on him to remove the most of the water and then popped him on the bathroom window sill to dry out properly in the sun.  He didn’t move.  I cleaned my teeth and he still hadn’t moved.  I got my glasses.  It turned out I had done my very best to revive….a piece of fluff from the bathmat.

And in other stupid news, last night Himself and I went out.  I was designated driver.  I drunk a second glass without thinking about it and decided that the walk home would do us good anyway.  I drink to the point of a hangover twice a year.  Once at Christmas and once in the summer.  It takes half a year to forget the pain, which I remembered very clearly this morning as it turns out I didn’t stop after the second drink either…

So this morning I woke up at 6am  with my mouth feeling  like it was full of cat litter and remembered one of us had to get the car.  We decided to go together.  We decided to run.  Before work.

The car was at the red dot.  We were at the green dot.  We took the scenic route (the wiggly red line).  With hangovers:

And because that wasn’t stupid enough, the route was partly up a very steep hill.  But on the upside, these were the views at the top:

And I think I left my hangover up there as by the time I got home I felt absolutely fine.  I might be avoiding the hill for a while though, not because I’m lazy, you understand.  Just because my hangover might be looking for me :o)

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