Makingness for Little Wisp

It’s been ages since I actually finished any makingness, but in honour of my second visit to see my beautiful new niece, I managed to finish two things:

As Little Wisp seems to like pulling tubes (first she pulled her ventilator out, then her feeding tube), I rather frantically made her an octopus likes those that are made by amazing volunteers for premature babies (There are groups all over the world, but here is the link to the UK one .  Be aware though, there are strict rules – for good reason – and Little Wisps one would not have passed, so read everything before you start if you want to get involved)

And, taking a little more (!) time, I made her a giraffe.  This is Long Lucy:

This is Long Lucy’s preferred method of travel:

And this is Long Lucy with a Little Wisp, who was so exhausted after her earlier giant feed, didn’t actually notice:

But she did hold my finger, which made my tummy all melty:

And she does the best cuddles:

She is such a strong little thing, that hopefully it wont be too long before I can visit her and her Mummy and Daddy at home rather than in the hospital.  Wherever she is though, I’ll find her for another one of those cuddles :o)

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4 Responses to Makingness for Little Wisp

  1. Shirley and John says:

    Ahh! so precious

  2. raychole says:

    Awww little baby! I hope she gets to go home soon! ❤

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