Third time lucky!


You’re not going to believe this: I am back from a holiday, all by myself, and it went ok! There were no giant cockroach infestations. There were no typhoons. There was absolutely no scuba diving. I have finally managed a single independent woman holiday that I enjoyed!

There was a small disaster when I got more excited than any adult should when it comes to fried cheese, and managed to rip one of the stitches out of my gums, and I was nearly sick with the pain, but that’s not too bad for me.  I even made a friend out of the waiter who didn’t feel washing my mouth out with salt would be very effective, so he sent me home with half a bottle of ouzo. I can confirm that this makes it much easier to sleep through pain :o)

We were given a timetable when we arrived and it turns out I did 23 of the classes on offer.



In the last week I have yoga-ed (lots)’ body sculpted (just the once as it almost killed me), done hydrofit, a sailing taster, paddle boarded, cycled:

We started at the beach behind me and at this point we weren't half way in to the 20k ride...

We started at the beach behind me and at this point we weren’t half way in to the 20k ride…

The temple on our bike ride most of the way up a mountain (well, it felt like it was)

The temple on our bike ride most of the way up a mountain (well, it felt like it was)

snorkelled (very proud of this as it was a bit close to scuba diving for my brain and almost resulted in a panic attack), done meditation on a  beautiful beach:



imageand had a walk learning all about herbs, treating illnesses with them and their links to Greek mythology from the most amazing man (I now have a dream to live in the Greek mountains with him and be his apprentice).


I even did yoga ON a paddle board ON the sea.  Not being all that great at yoga or paddle boarding, this was a bit of a risk, but doing salute to the sun – even a wobbly version –  on the water is pretty special surrounded by mountains and water.

I met some really lovely people and heard fascinating stories.  I discovered that doing downward dog in a pair shorts is not a good thing (I had NO idea I had so much cellulite on my thighs or that my knees are so baggy) but when it’s that hot, there isn’t much of a choice.  I also discovered that not only am I brave enough to have dinner on my own, I actually enjoy it. That was a bit of a revelation.

I wasn't entirely on my own...

I wasn’t entirely on my own…

So this was third time lucky. I did nearly 29 hours of activities in six days, I got some sun and….I could really do with another holiday :o)

It turned out Norman made the most of being home alone.  I was left this by my sister who kindly cleared up most of the problem:


And this by the girl who came in to feed Norman:


And one last thing…. There was no donkey behind my room, but there were a lot of frogs with megaphones who kept me awake every night. As soon as they started their shouting, I woke up, regardless of the amount of medicinal ouzo drunk or painkillers taken.  It suggests I am a light sleeper, but apparently I managed to sleep through….an earthquake :o/




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