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Dog poo gate

Do you ever have those moments when you get so grumpy you almost step outside yourself and become someone else? Last week I was walking Percy and noticed seven, yes SEVEN bags of dog poo in a pile at the … Continue reading

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That flowery time of year

When I was born, Mum and Dad bought a pink rhododendron. It’s moved house a few times with them and I think it was only when Mum and Dad moved to where they are now that it made it out … Continue reading

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The pheasant story

On Wednesdays I do a writing course / session / something (I get up and write with a group of other people who also get up and write so we are all held accountable) from 6-8am. Percy usually gets up, … Continue reading

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The spots didn’t change after all…

Himself has gone on holiday. I lived on my own for years and I was going to say ‘without incident’ but as I walked Percy just now, I realised that The Pog Blog came about due to the sheer number … Continue reading

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Tangle-y words

For a hypnotherapist I’m scarily good at getting my words in a tangle.  The good news is that ‘confusional hypnosis’ is a thing so when my words come out wrong I can confidently convince myself that it was what I’d … Continue reading

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Oh arse. Sheep arse.

I have sat here all day, running client Zooms sessions.  It wasn’t until the fifth session, as I waited for my client to log on that I looked at the view behind me.  And realised that the toy sheep on … Continue reading

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Dancing in the strobe lights

I went to the hair dressers on Wednesday – it was the second time since covid started that I’ve been.  When you’re as infrequent as me they just give you anyone and this time the tiny lady with the scissors … Continue reading

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Laughing through numbers and names

Today was a good day. Today there were only a few tears and then so much laughing I left Mum and Dad’s house wheezing… Because today an Occupational Therapist visited to help Mum bake a cake.  Mum told me last … Continue reading

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Losing words. And sometimes a little bit of my mind.

Tuesday is the day I go and help out Mum.  She had a stroke in May and it left her with slight wonky-ness – in her body, her thinking and especially in her words. Conversations with Mum can vary wildly, … Continue reading

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Hi honey, I’m home

I last wrote a Pog Blog post on June 15th 2018.  I added some posts to document lockdown in Covid last year, but I stopped as….well, it turns out not much happens in lockdown and it went on and on … Continue reading

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