Round and round in circles

Things keep going around in all different sorts of circles at the moment.  Earlier this week I blogged about post it notes, the next day Facebook reminded me that exactly a year before I’d blogged about…post it notes (I’m thinking my life must get a little boring in June)

Last week I admitted to two of the girls at yoga I’d spent the first few weeks hearing the teacher repeatedly tell us to release our scrotum, before realising she was actually saying ‘sacrum’ (which still didn’t help me out much in terms of the where or the how).  A few days later, Facebook reminded me that I’d posted a status about it two years earlier.

Last year I was blogging about going to Tacloban to do relief work.  Next Friday I’ll be on my way to the airport to spend 4 days with the amazing family I stayed with back then, before trying a brave holiday on the next island, on my own.  I can only hope we don’t go in circles and repeat any aspect of the last holiday I did alone….

And then there is the what goes around comes around type of circle.  Do you remember when I planted sunflowers with the kids next door to encourage them not to pick my flowers?  When I did that, I kept some seeds back to pop in my back garden.  I had visions of theirs not growing and though if the worse came to the worse, I could transfer some of mine (which of course, would be amazing) into their pots at night.

This is one of their pots:


This is mine:


Admittedly I have to water theirs, but I water mine too – I’ve no idea how mine are so pathetic other than maybe someone is trying to teach me not to be so smug.

It’s not all round and round in circles though.  I have a very tiny back garden, but it appears nobody told the plants that (other than the blimin’ sunflowers!)  Everything seems to be growing up and out with huge enthusiasm (and without regard for where the flower beds are):


I’m not complaining though- it’s not a bad view to look out on when I’m working from home :o)

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