Smiley post it notes

I’m not keen on cleaning.  My weekend is too precious to me to spend a few hours making Pog Towers a shiny place.  I’m also pretty terrible at it.  By happy coincidence, both my sisters are amazing cleaners and for a while now, Sister 1 and Little Pea have been cleaning my house every other week (in exchange for money, obviously – I’m not taking advantage here).

There is one major issue with this:

Little Pea loves Norman (or Normy, as he calls him).  Normy, on the other hand is not keen on anyone under 5 foot.  One time when Little Pea came to visit I got out Norman’s most favourite cat treats, which he just can’t resist.  Sure enough, I managed to get Normy literally eating out of Little Pea’s hand.

Little Pea is a clever little thing and now every time he comes to visit he gets the closest thing he can to the cat treats – plain old cat biscuits from the cat bowl –  and moves from room to room waving g them around and calling for Normy.  Norman, not being interested in something he has a bowl full of, stays hidden.

The end result is that on Big House days (that’s what is feels like when I come home from work when Sister 1 has worked magic – the house actually feels bigger), I come home to a few surprises.  This week it was biscuits on top of my fire, in the shower, and, when I took the Norman proofing blanket off my sofa, a small pile there too.  At this point Norman decided that was as good a time as any for a bit of a snack:


I texted Sister 1 to thank her for Big House day and to say that I’d found quite a few biscuits, along with a rock from the garden in my bedroom.  She replied that she’d assumed Little Pea had eaten the biscuits rather than left them for me as he’d indicated he wasn’t keen on the red ones….  That’s ok then.

The other great bit about Big House days (the first bit being the ‘big’ bit, not so much the biscuit hunt it results in) is that I get left post it notes.  I have a small collection on my mirror now and they make me smile, even at silly o’clock:


And just so you don’t think I’m too much of a lazy bugger, I did some secret bakering at the weekend:


And I was left a post it as a result of that too:


Post its can be very smiley things, apparently.  As can Big Houses and, I’ll admit it, hunts for cat biscuits that a certain 2 year old nephew leaves for his Auntie Pog :o)

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