Beards and suspicions

I posted a picture of Little Pea on the company intranet today, wondering if he was perhaps the littlest Mo Bro out there (It’s Movember, for anyone that means nothing to).  The background of the picture is this…

A few weeks ago, some of my friends in Tacloban were discussing a crochet hat on Facebook.  They were discussing it in Waray (the local language) though, so I didn’t understand anything, other than my name, which had been mentioned.  I asked for a translation and they said they’d been saying that they thought I could make the hat.  I said I’d see what I could do…

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the hat to the mum of a little boy I met out there.  I think he could be rather hot in it, because this is the hat that turned little Pea into a Mo Bro:


He’s had quite a few ‘likes’ and comments on the work intranet.  Sadly, one person informed me he can’t be a Mo Bro as the rules state the Mo can’t meet the beard, but hey, it gave a few people a Friday smile :o)

(The pattern for the beard is here, should you want to make your own)

And in other news, I was contacted at work this week by someone who wanted to report receiving a suspicious email.  As that sort of thing is not related to my job, I asked why they’d contacted me.  It turns out that if you search the company intranet for ‘suspicious activity’ the first name that appears is mine.  In a company of 55,000.  Hmmm.

Well, between that and the beard hat picture, at least if I ever left the company, I’ll be leaving a varied trail of content behind :o)



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