(An attempt at) Crochet Class

My mum is a terrible teacher.  We both agree on that and we both dread it when I have to ask her help with sewing type things.  I decided (in a rather high and mighty way) that  I couldn’t possibly be that bad, so when two friends at work asked if I’d give them a quick lesson I was really happy.  I had visions of a regular crochet lunch in the office, helping them to make Christmas presents…

It turns out that I have inherited the inability to teach from Mum.  It started well.  I wound little balls of wool for them, remembered to take crochet hooks to the office, took in some examples of the two stitches I was going to teach and had the pattern for a simple hat that they would be able to make once the two stitches had been mastered.  I did a slow demonstration, and talked them through as they started…

crochet 1

And then…well this happened:

crochet 3

crochet 2

One managed to invent her own stitch, the other wound her wool so tight that there were no holes to stitch the next row in to.

I’m hoping I’ve not put them off for life.  Who would have thought crochet could be stressful?!  :o)

PS:  We used 30 minutes of our lunch break – no skiving off work was involved!

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