Bad Auntie Pog

I am a bad Auntie Pog.

Little Pea is just perfect, but does have a distinct lack of hair.  I know this is not unusual, and I didn’t want to give him a complex or anything, but I did want to see what he’d look like with luscious locks.  And it just so happens that I have my own spare luscious locks in the shape of Bradley.

So for our family entertainment at yesterday’s Sunday dinner I did this:

(By the way, he’d just had tea and forgot his bib – he doesn’t usually have such a dirty top!)

What the hell...?

What the hell…?

I'm not convinced....

I’m not convinced….

I mean, where did my ears go?

I mean, where did my ears go?

Frankly, this is a bit scary now

Frankly, this is a bit scary now

phew!  That's better :o)

phew! That’s better :o)

I am sorry, Little Pea.  You’re gorgeous with your baldy head (and who am I to comment?).  But I apologise now as these pictures will come out again…around your 18th.  And possibly your wedding.  That’s what aunties are for though, isn’t it?  :o)

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7 Responses to Bad Auntie Pog

  1. Paula says:

    LOL. He is gorgeous. With the extra hair, he looks like a rock star in training, a mini Eddie Van Halen. He’d also make a lovely girl, but shhhhh, don’t offend his masculinity by tell him that:-)

    • thepogblog says:

      Ha, ha! we think along the same lines – I said we had a glimpse of what he would look like should he ever become a transvestite. I said that very quietly though :o)

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  3. Very, very cute. Personally, I think parents and aunties have to take our chances to gather future blackmail material long before the little one gets a chance to speak – because from then on our lives are totally in their hands! (Don’t EVER say anything in front of a speaking child that you wouldn’t mind repeated in front of your MIL/the vicar/the whole supermarket/the middle of a silent museum or in front of the posh parents in the playground :) )

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