A Norman’s eye view (belated black cat appreciation and photography homework)

I forgot it was black cat appreciation day last week.  Again. Sorry Norman.  I have tried to make it up to him though.

Homework given at week 4 of my photography class was to do ‘a day in the life’ using entirely manual settings. That’s THREE numbers (shutter speed, aperture and ISO) I had to juggle and a light balance thingy that had to be right in the middle and, and, and…. well, I put it off because I couldn’t get my head around it. But it’s class tonight and I can’t really claim Norman ate my camera so I had a go.  And in his honour, I did a day in the life of him, from his perspective.

This is the view through the gate where he checks out what’s happening on the road into Beachville:

And from the shed roof (just to be sure Himself isn’t coming home early. In the summer he sits up here 15 minutes before Himself gets home to provide a meet and greet service):

A short break under the lavender bushes for a different perspective and to ensure a lovely smelling coat:

Followed by a proper lie down:

I caught him here:

But he was feeling a bit camera shy:

And after a long day, time to settle on the sofa for a while:

(Obviously I didn’t get the light balance quite right there)

Before a bit of night time exploration:

Ok, they are not terribly exciting photos, but I has some that ere complete white outs and some that were just blackness, so at least I got some actual detail in these!  I did have to refer to all my notes though:

But at least I don’t have to claim the cat ate my homework tonight :o)

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