A bit more photography homework

I’m not becoming camera obsessed, but I’m afraid this is another post about photographs.  Because on Sunday we got up at 5.30am  –   yes, AM.  On a Sunday – and went to the beach to take photos.  We’ve been taught about the two golden hours – dawn and dusk, when the light is best.  And this week we were focusing on elements of design; lines, textures, colours and things like that, so we thought good light would help us out.

We’re still using manual settings only and I am still pretty rubbish at it, so every photo seemed to take forever, whatever position I was in.  As a result I was laughed at by a man for lying on my tummy on cold pebbles for a fair while (I’m not sure my growling at my camera and my inability to get the light right helped), and one lady rushed over to me as I contorted myself around some chairs, thinking I’d collapsed…

So anyway, here are some of the photos I took for homework this week:

And back to the iPhone, when the sun was up and all the photographs possible had been photographed, we had to have a selfie:

And a reward :o) :

Maybe early Sunday mornings aren’t so bad :o)

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