Shiny new things

I can finally tell you my exciting bit of news: This week I signed a contract on a shiny new job :o)

It’s the same company, but a different part, doing a bigger, much more interesting version of what I do now, with different people in a different part of London.  And this is despite answering the rather unexpected ‘What exactly is fitball?’ in the second round of interviews with ‘Well, I can tell you it is not jumping around on big beach balls which is what I had hoped when I signed up’.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that 15 years later than most people manage (according to my dentist) TWO wisdom teeth have taken it upon themselves to make an appearance this week – it’s like my body knows that all my wisdom will be needed in the near future.  Unfortunately, because it’s me, rather than also being lovely shiny new things both have become infected, are growing all wrong and will be removed in three weeks…

For now, I have one week left in my old job and therefore one week to have a complete panic that I’m not actually capable of the new one, and that I have insufficient time to 1) grow up and 2) locate a new work wardrobe more fitting for my big girl job.

I’m swinging between ‘really excited’ and ‘terrified’.  It does of course provide a whole new range of opportunities to have Pog moments, which mostly just moves me to ‘terrified’.  I hope the new team have a sense of humour… :o)


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11 Responses to Shiny new things

  1. notewords says:

    Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the teeth…

  2. lynnbashforth says:

    Excellent news 😃 The new job, that is, not the teeth of course… which bit are you moving to? V pleased for you! Lxx

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