Six weeks ago I started a beginners running course. Me: the three legged donkey who refuses to run In public because people tend to laugh. I never really believed I would get further than the 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking, but yesterday we tested out the 5k route we will be timed on next week (although due to a Pog moment that involved me missing the first 15 minutes of the run, then galloping to catch up without warming up I got hideous cramp in both calves, so I spent more time trying not to cry than actually running, so next week will be the first time I properly run it).  Anyway, despite all that, I have actually graduated!

And more than that, I also joined the Wednesday beginners course. And I have started running on my own twice a week. I now own more Lycra based items than any self respecting cat lady with a crochet habit should, I have shiny new trainers, specially fitted to my running and I can almost put on a sports bra without having to dislocate both shoulders.  I even bought running socks (that seemed to know I sometimes need a bit of help):


Sunday mornings now start with what may or may not be a 5k run/ walk (I was measuring my distance in my iPod, but bought a new gizmo, only to find that they don’t tally at all.  Grrrr.) Either way, there is more running than walking that there was a few weeks back, and I am loving the route:


Except this bit, where I have to cross a railway line. I am utterly convinced that one day I’ll just not see or hear the one coming round the corner:


Now I just have to work on not rewarding myself with food when I get back… At the moment this is not quite the unfatness plan I had hoped for. The sweaty plan, it definitely is though :o)


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