Another step in the unfatness plan

I can’t decide if Sister 1 is a genius or a nutcase.  I suspect she may be a bit of both.

Every other Monday is Big House Day.  This is when Sister 1 goes to Pog Towers and makes it look twice it’s usual size (also known as cleaning).  She also often leaves me post it notes around the house which make me smile.  Yesterday I couldn’t see any post it notes and was a little bit sad, but realised that they probably aren’t her priority and she’d probably not had enough time.

But it turned out she had done something even better.  I wanted a piece of toast before fitball and opened the fridge to find this:


Eyes, everywhere, looking at me!

The genius of this is not just that it made me laugh.  It’s the impact on the unfatness plan.  How am I supposed to eat things that are looking at me?  I had an egg at lunchtime – the last one in the box.  Only now I have an empty box sitting in the kitchen work surface that I can’t throw away because I swear it is looking a little sad and dejected that it’s empty, and that’s all down to me…

So I think that this could be the final piece in the unfatness plan.  It’s not just about fitball or yoga or running.  It’s about putting eyes on your biscuits so you feel too guilty to snack on them :o)

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3 Responses to Another step in the unfatness plan

  1. notewords says:

    I have to say that’s a new one… ;-)

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