why you should take some things slowly

You know how when you rush something and then really regret it?  That happened yesterday. I had to dye my hair…and Just wanted to move onto the next thing on my list as quickly as possible. I also noticed that the instructions had in capital letters that I should USE ALL CONTENTS OF BOTTLE. It seemed a bit extreme as yesterday morning I had more hair cut off than was left on my head (I have gone really short), but I thought I’d try to get as much on my head as possible.

I think it is probably the combination of my rushing and using the full bottle that resulted in the fact I now have the following in shade Plum (316):

  • my hair (at least that was intentional)
  • my right wrist
  • my left second, third and fourth toes
  • my left arm pit
  • part of my bathroom shelf
  • a section of my bathroom sink
  • two sections of the bathroom floor

I have no no advice on removing much of the above, but I do have a tip on not what to do. Do not use home made make up remover on the bathroom floor. It may work fantabulously on removing mascara from your face, but it’s not so effective on hair dye that has dried, and it has the added complication of turning the floor into some sort of ice rink…

Hey ho, on the upside, it turns out make up remover does remove hair dye from ears and I am grateful for that.  I’m not sure I could have carried off plum lug holes :o)

Norman demonstrates his effortless style.

Norman demonstrates his effortless style.



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2 Responses to why you should take some things slowly

  1. lucyannluna says:

    When I got hair dye up the bathroom door it took 3 coats of paint to cover it. Good luck.

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