Mind reading and running

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think Facebook has developed the ability to read my mind.

Four weeks ago, as part of the unfatness plan part 289, I started a beginners running course.  It was supposed to be one coached session a week, but I seem to have started going to an additional session as well. This week I have even attempted running on my own, with varying degrees of success.  Monday and Tuesday it nearly broke me, this morning I had a brilliant run interspersed with horses, gates, stiles and a railway crossing (which was a little bit scary with no gates, people or anything to tell you when to walk over the lines). I even had a bit of a brainwave when it came to carrying my front door key….with no pockets and very few layers as it is so warm, I popped it down the front of my bra (should you try this, the only slight downside is having to scrabble around in your bra when you get home as it turns out keys can travel quite far….).

Anyway, I have posted on Facebook about my excitement of moving from running for 30 seconds, to 6.5 minutes to a whole 10.5 minutes in one go this week.  That is pretty much it.  But Facebook knows.  It knows I alternate between loving and hating this new exercising malarkey and it shows me this slightly unnerving ability through suggested posts like these:

Today you love running...

Today you love running…do a marathon (!)

Today you hate running. Buy this so you can tell everyone...

Today you hate running. Buy this so you can tell everyone…

It is a little bit disturbing…but I am quite interested to see where these go. If marathons are being suggested four weeks into this, what will the Facebook brains be considering if I keep this up for a few months?! :o)

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