No story here

It’s not often I don’t have much to say.  I’m known as the one who talks the most at my beginners running course (I was reassured by some lovely people in the group that it’s ok; someone needs to be the one to start conversations.  I couldn’t see if they had crossed their fingers behind their backs though…). Someone mentioned that they do two fitball classes – one with me and one without.  Apparently the one without is an awful lot quieter (although I thought I mostly just sung under my breath when I was struggling with the tricky bits).  And I’ve been told off in yoga for chatting too much :o(

I do try the quiet thing.  I’m just not all that great with silences.  But tonight I don’t really have a story for you: I’m sorry.

I could tell you how I managed a run on our first (only?) boiling hot on Sunday on my own, and another one in the pouring rain before work this morning.  I could tell you how the running is clearly not helping with the unfatness plan as the scales are only going up.  And I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I put on ½ stone in my sleep at the weekend.  Seriously.  I weighed myself before bed and again when I got up.  HALF A STONE.  Surely that can’t even be possible.  But that is not terribly interesting.

I could tell you that when I opened my conservatory door on Sunday I could smell that Norman had played hide and seek with a new gift.  It turned out to be a squirrel (and if that is his new gift of choice, it could explain the recent bite that resulted in my helping the vet out with his mortgage the other week).  But that is a bit icky and I am pretty sure that you don’t want to see the picture.

I do have a bit of a story, but I can’t tell you yet as the entire plot hasn’t quite unfolded.  It has made me very smiley though (unlike that extra ½ stone and the stinky squirrel).  So for once, you’ll have to make the most of the fact that I’m staying quiet(ish) and the smile tonight is mine :o)

In the absence of a story, he's a picture of my train station in the morning, looking rater pretty, I think.

In the absence of a story, he’s a picture of my train station in the early morning, looking rater pretty, I think.

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  1. Paula Harrington says:

    :-) That’s all … just :-)

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