Droopy ears?

In our toilets at work, we have really good mirrors.  I don’t mean those ones that make you look like a 6 foot tall supermodel (that would take a hell of a lot more than a mirror anyway).  I mean ones where you can really clearly see everything.  Actually, I guess it’s not the mirror that makes that good – it’s the lights.  The lights in my bathroom take a good 20 minutes to warm up to any sort of brightness.  This is good: I rarely get to see my reflection properly (and therefore don’t start each day scaring myself).  And this is bad: I rarely get to see my reflection properly (and therefore often don’t realise until I get to work that not only have applied my make up in the semi dark, but it really, really looks like I have).

So anyway, yesterday I spent a few minutes inspecting my face in the well lit, work toilet mirror (I was having email inbox avoidance moment), and I noticed something I have never noticed before.  You know where your ears join your face?  I have wrinkles there.  Who gets wrinkles there?!  It suggest that my ears are very slowly starting to move across my face.  There is a good chance that in 20 years time, my ears will be positioned somewhere between my cheek and my chin as they continue to droop slowly.  This has been at the back of my mind all day, and frankly, my mind is too full up right now to be having anything like that taking up space.

But it’s ok.  Because I have just put my out of office on.  Christmas starts now for me, and I shall empty my mind of everything other than wrapping, friends, smiling, and wondering if there are actually any sweets left to make up the little parcels I intended to make…(yes, I did buy a third box, yes, I did eat all the good ones.  Again).

Hooray! :o)

PS:  On a slightly different note, after swigging a bottle of cough mixture yesterday (we might have good mirrors in the office, but you can’t find a teaspoon for love nor money) and stealing most of a colleagues Strepsils, my cough looked like it would be keeping me awake for another night, so I tried out the thing of putting Vicks vapoRub on my feet and wearing socks to bed.  It works – I got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  And there is the added benefit that you wake up with very soft, minty fresh feet.  It’s a win win situation.  I just thought it worth mentioning with all the sniffles and things going round. x




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4 Responses to Droopy ears?

  1. And what did Norman think of the Vicks smell all night long?

  2. Shirley and John says:

    Pog, you do realise if your nose runs, and your feet smell, you’re probably made upside down! The old ones are the best…………

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