’tis the season for…snot

I’m not sure if it was the lady who sat next to me on the train every morning last week who blew her nose every few minutes and put the tissues in a plastic bag on her lap, or my boss who came in every day with his streaming cold, or if it was just one of the many spluttery people around at the moment, but a stinky cold made itself at home with me yesterday.  My nose ran so much I still think it must be some sort of Christmas miracle that I don’t look like a sultana; wrinkled and dehydrated.  I didn’t really help matters when I bought these and started taking them like sweeties:


Can you spot the mistake?  Yes, while my nose was running like a tap, I was taking stuff for blocked noses.

So the moral of the story:

  • Always check the label
  • Don’t breathe in public until it starts getting warmer

(Unless, of course, you want to be mistaken for Rudolph… ):o)


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2 Responses to ’tis the season for…snot

  1. Maybe you could use them. The flow may stop if you bung them up your nostrils! But then I guess the snot would end up somewhere else. Perhaps not a good suggestion, with memories of what happened with a Smartie some while ago!

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