Wool, furballs and faces

2 weeks, thirty six balls of wool and one annoyed Norman cat has resulted in a huuuuge, very thick blanket that means I won’t have to turn the central heating on quite yet….hooray!


Even better, it could work as a good disguise – I’ve managed to acquire an infected face and currently look like the elephant woman.  The doctor said the tablets he prescribed me (which I am pretty sure, judging by their size, are meant for horses) will mean I look normal-ish by Monday.  But for this weekend, I’m worried I may scare people, so if you’re around Bumpkinsville, and see something like this:


It’s me.

For now though, I’m off to snuggle under my lovely warm blanket with a cup of tea and Norman cat to work out what to crochet next.  Under normal circumstances, I might not admit to this on a Friday night (I’d do it, just not admit to it…), but I think I’m allowed to tonight – I have a poorly face.  Well, that’s my excuse :o)


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2 Responses to Wool, furballs and faces

  1. Did Norman take that photo of you?! :) Hope your poorly face returns to normal soon. But know that we still love you even when you are a bit elephantine :)

    • thepogblog says:

      He did…but then he took the camera up the garden and did a load of selfies. It is the last time I will let him get his paws on it ;o). And thank you…hopefully I will be blanketless after the weekend :o)

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