Lessons of the week

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these and as it’s only Tuesday I shouldn’t have many lessons, but it’s a been that kind of week already so:

Don’t get so involved in explaining to your team that you’re fed up with knicker malfunctions and are thinking of buying a job lot of apple catchers of the Bridget Jones era that you don’t notice a random male colleague you only shook hands with last Thursday approaching, looking distressed as he hears the conversation and then breaking into almost a jog to escape.  (To give him his dues, he did come back to inform me that should we ever do an office secret santa, he knew what to get me).

Don’t attempt to join in a conversation with two Americans using only half an ear.  We were talking about the need to meet up despite our geographical differences and with no travel budget at work and we were laughing about different money making ideas.  Charging parts of the business for our services? Cake sale?  And then somehow I heard ‘crack’.  ‘You think we should sell crack to raise money?’  I asked  ‘I’m not sure that fits with the company ethos somehow…’  It turns out my colleague had said ‘craft’.  Ahem.  Well I am selling my owls on a stall this weekend (more to follow on that later in the week) to raise money for my Philippines project, but I’m thinking they won’t raise that much.  Either towards an air fare or in relation to the alternative drug dealing scheme my brain came up with.

'crafts', not 'crack'.  Obviously.

‘crafts’, not ‘crack’. Obviously.

And finally, don’t put your breakfastlunchdinner (one meal – no time for splitting it into three today) on the floor as you finish a teleconference on one phone and dial into the next on another.  No prizes for guessing….yes, Norman ran off with it.  Still, I guess it was time he stole my food rather than bringing me a neighbours…

I’m off to yoga now.  If anyone knows the best style of knicker for this occasion, please let me know, I seem to get it wrong every time :o)


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4 Responses to Lessons of the week

  1. lovelydeer says:

    Love the key rings so cute!!

  2. Jacqui Fleming says:

    I still think drug dealing is the way to go if we all want to go to JiveWorld.

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