Ooops. On a number of levels.

It’s kind of my own fault.  Since January I’ve been wanting a project – something to focus on for a while – and now I have one.

Short version:  I did a bit more of the collapsing that I started in November a few weeks back and went back to the doctor, just for a note so that work didn’t get worried if I took an ‘impromptu nap’ in the office.   I’ve had a few tests (I have a very happy heart, as it turns out) and I have a few more to come, but the really annoying thing is that I have lost my driving license for a few months.  That wouldn’t be so bad, but getting out of Bumpkinsville without your own wheels is a bit of a challenge.

You may have noticed that the blog has been getting very Bumpkinsville centered.  I’ve not been driving for a couple of weeks and other than a few hospital trips (chauffeured by parents) and a lovely outing last night (chauffeured by Gorgeous Godson’s mummy) to meet up with school friends I’ve not seen for 20 years, there’s not been much going on.  That might continue for a while, but if you keep reading, by the time I get my licence back you will have an intricate knowledge on Pog Towers and everything in walking distance.  I’m not sure that is much of an enticement to stay up to date with me though – I hope I don’t get too boring :o(

If you read my blog much, you’ll know I already do quite a lot of makingness.  I have already gone into overdrive on the crochet front (and have a heap of wool ordered for a bit more) and I have some sewing I can do, but you’re a creative bunch.  If you think of anything or see anything I could do in the evenings or at weekends that is a bit different, but not too expensive, (and which I can get everything I need for online), please let me know.

When I got home last night I wasn’t tired enough to sleep and didn’t want to lie in bed thinking about things so I thought I’d attempt a crochet finger puppet.  It was supposed to be a dragon.  I think what I achieved was a cross between a pig and…um…a poorly looking penis with ears:

dragon fp

It might be that I did something wrong with the pattern.  Or it might be that the white wine spritzers earlier in the evening were more potent than I thought.  Either way, I think it’s safe to say it’s one of a kind, but not in a good way…

So if you have any ideas to steer me away from similar disasters, to help keep me sane and so I have more to write about, please feel free to let me know.  Otherwise for the foreseeable future you’ll be getting pictures of Norman, misshapen finger puppets and a growing frustration with my neighbours who are have an uncanny knack of starting a shouting match and door slamming  the second I start a teleconference! :o)

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2 Responses to Ooops. On a number of levels.

  1. Heidi says:

    I always enjoy reading your updates and love your creations. Especially the Penis Dragon! X x

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