Makingness and a bit of drivel

Well it’s midsummer’s day and lovely and we’re basking in fantastic temperatures….only we’re not, because this is the UK and I think Mother Nature must be going through the menopause or something as it’s mostly average with the occasional hot flush thrown in.

It is getting warmer though.  I know this because for the last two nights I’ve only had the one hot water bottle in bed (two is the usual for me).  I still have the duvet and all three blankets on top, but this is progress, however small.  You can see why mum calls me a toad can’t you?  Although I think it’s mostly her fault…she subscribed to the ‘put them outside in the pram all day for fresh air’ method of parenting.  That would have been fine, but I was born in March.  Still, it could have been worse, my sisters were given the same treatment and they were born in February.  (I should point out here, whenever we complain to mum about this, she is very clear that we were wrapped up very warmly and we all liked it.  Maybe that’s why my bed is piled high with blankets…)

Anyway, that wasn’t what this post was about.  Although I have discovered a new word this week:  Logomania.  It has two definitions: 1) Obsessive interest in words, 2) Excessive and often incoherent talking.  2) seems to apply a lot to me at the moment.  I was trying to work out why I am tired, grumpy and talking even more rubbish than usual, then realised I’ve had five days off work so far this year.  One day I phoned in sick as, having spent the previous day doing teleconferences from my bathroom floor, putting the phone on mute to be sick I thought I should probably try to have a days rest to get better.  I e-mailed the people at work you e-mail when you are feeling bleugh at 6.30am.  And by 9am was at the laptop doing a full day as the panic of e-mails and work building up was the complete opposite to restful. I think that could be contributing to the chaos of Pog Life at the moment.  Happily, it’s not very long before I escape somewhere warm for a while and I wont need any hot water bottles there.  :o)

Sorry, I’ve done it again.  I’ll stick to pictures now to save you reading any more drivel.  I have been making things.

Norman doesn’t like me making things as it stops him getting attention:


But I still managed to make this bag for my brother in law to carry all his tattoo stuff to work:


And Dad wanted a home made card for Fathers day so I crocheted this:


Not very Fathers day ish, but he does like flowers and worms so I thought it was acceptable. Note:  Using superglue to crochet a worm to a card results in a lot of mess….and a short panic when he is actually superglued to your fingers.

And I decided all my family needed some colourful key rings, so I made these:


(a slight variation on this pattern I found on another blog)

And to try to calm down a little I spent last Sunday on my day bed in the West Wing (ok, the conservatory) crocheting my next ‘thing’, listening to Radio 4.  (Sister 1 : ‘How old are you?!)  It was so relaxing, even Norman fell asleep, so I think we’d better do some more of the same this weekend before I go pop! :o)


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2 Responses to Makingness and a bit of drivel

  1. Sue Byrne says:

    Just love the keyrings :-)

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