The Weird and the Wonderful

There’s been lots of weirdness and wonderfulness recently so I thought I’d share a few bits with you.

My last post was about a bikini I made for Sister 2 after her hearing about Mum’s from the 70’s.  Well, the next day I saw Sister 1 and she actually had the picture that started off some of Sister 2’s requirements.  This is Mum in her (much better made) crocheted bikini back in the day:


She didn’t usually pose like that – her friend was a practicing photographer (and for the record – not that sort of photographer, she is fully dressed in all the other pictures!)  Mum is still gorgeous, but we all think she was particularly gorgeous back them.  Unfortunately the genes I inherited go back a generation to her mum.  A lady who was a lovely grandma, but at best could be described as ‘stout’…

Which takes us to a bit of weirdness.  Last week the switch on my storage heater stopped…well, switching.  Even with all my stoutness on it, the light flickered a bit to start with, then it stuck firm, in off mode.  This is not great when, despite being Spring, it’s still mostly soggy and cold in the UK at the moment.  I looked up how to fix it on the internet.  And was informed by a number of people not to be so daft (my diy leaves a lot to be desired and this would have involved playing with power and things).  So I called in a man.  Who presented me with this:


The switch had caught fire.  Nothing had tripped.  I didn’t smell anything.  It went out on its own.  I think someone was looking after me.

teeny tiny horse in the background

teeny tiny horse in the background

On Sunday Mum, Sister 1, Little Pea and I went to see the local donkey and teeny tiny horse.  All went swimmingly – we took carrots, we posed for a photo, and…the blimin’ donkey bit my fingers.  And it’s not the first time either – when I was about 7 a donkey bit me and I broke out in a rash that required a trip to A&E.  Happily this time I just swore at it and no hospital visits were required.

naughty donkey

On the way home Mum visited the local flower festival, where we saw this.


Weirdly wonderful, and only in Bumpkinsville, I imagine :o)

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