Crochet and Colouring

This morning I stepped out of the shower and my right arm stopped working properly.  I think I have a nerve trapped in my shoulder blade or something.  I will call this annoying affliction ‘Crochet Shoulder’.  Because I have been crocheting for England, you know.  I think mum taught me the basics about 8 weeks ago and since then I have become a bit obsessed…

I always worry that the things I make to give away might not actually be wanted, and that I end up putting people in that awful situation where they feel they have to put something on show when I’m due to arrive at their house.  So when someone expresses an interest in something, I get all over enthusiastic.

When mum taught me and Sister 1 crochet (Sister 2 opted to just sit and laugh at us) she told us about things she’d crocheted in the 60’s and 70’s.  Skirts, a top, a fully lined suit (!) and….a bikini.  And that was it.  Sister 2 became obsessed about having her own crocheted bikini.

I looked up patterns on line and found one published in a magazine in 1971.  I printed it so that mum could make it for Sister 2, but then decided that I might be able to just about manage it.

It feels like I have spent months on this – it’s actually just a few weeks.  It would have been less, but I’ve unpicked huge amounts of it repeatedly and had to edit the pattern (it seems 1970’s bottoms were smaller than todays…or I read the pattern entirely wrong).  But today I can reveal the outcome!  Sister 2 has kindly said I can post these pictures:

sal1 sal2

I‘m not sure that Sister 2 is so keen on having a crochet bikini anymore.  It’s a long way from perfect.  But it’s the thought that counts, right?  :o)

And in other news I just dyed my hair for the first time EVER.  Whoever decided that the dye I used was ‘blackcurrant’ clearly needs a test for colour blindness.  I look like a traffic light.  In fact, I  looked in the mirror at Sister 1’s house (where the transformation took place) and decided that I now look like one of those slightly mad aunties who wear long cardigans, and do handicraft stuff.  Then realised I am all of those things.  Bugger.  Oh well, I have a ‘statement head’.  I don’t particularly like the statement it’s currently making, but on the positive side, there are absolutely no more grey hairs  :o)



and after.  Gulp!

…and after. Gulp!

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