It’s been a right old family weekend.

On Saturday I took my cousin up on an offer.  Cousin 2 has a curtain and blind shop and was lovely enough to let me go and snaffle pattern books and remnants to my hearts content despite the fact that I’ve not seen him in 19 years.   I was in heaven.  (My car was not – it groaned all the way home under the weight of what I had snaffled)   I have, of course, started using the material this weekend:

A knitting bag for mum

Huge thank yous to Cousin 2.  You made this Pog very happy :o)

And then, Sister 2 moved into the house opposite me.  If she looks out her bedroom window and I look out my lounge window we can see each other.  For some reason this has caused us great hilarity and lots of laughing on the phone.  I tried charades this evening but that wasn’t terribly successful.  We’re now considering walkie talkies.  Or Morse code.  Or a laser beam.  We’ll think of something…until then we can just look at each other from our respective windows and laugh a lot :o)

That's how close she is! (Top left window...)

Oh..and the other ‘family’ thing was the crashing and hissing taking place at the cat flap in the early hours of Saturday morning.  I got up to investigate what animal Norman was trying to keep captive to discover that it was the actual cat flap that was the problem – he was trying to get out and it had actually frozen shut!  Maybe he wasn’t hissing…maybe he was breathing hot air on it to defrost it.  Maybe he’s not so daft after all…hmmmm.



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