A stamp for a Singer

When I was younger mum always said she always knew if I felt really poorly because it was the only time I turned off my music.  For the last two days I’ve been feeling very bleugh and I must have had some sort of bug as 1) I’ve eaten one piece of toast in 2.5 days and 2) I’ve not got the sewing machine out or made anything.  Instead, I have impersonated the cats and slept for 90% of the day.

It’s not stopped me thinking about making-ness though and I wanted to tell you arather lovely thing that happened at the weekend.  Last week my neighbour knocked on the door to borrow a stamp and envelope.  He offered me money for them, I wouldn’t take it and he wandered off muttering that he had something else that I could have instead.  On Sunday he rung the door bell and plopped a very heavy wooden case on the lounge floor.  It had been in his shed for years and before that was his grandmothers’.  It was this beautiful old Singer sewing machine:

Isn’t it lovely?  Ok, I won’t be using it as it only does a forward straight stitch and I’m not sure I could coordinate myself sufficiently to use a manual machine, but wondering what was made on it in the past will keep my mind busy while I sew on my slightly more modern version.  (I did triple check that my neighbour was sure about giving it away and he said it was me or the tip so of course I accepted it).  What a great swap for a stamp and envelope :o)

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