Training Traumas

For the last two days I have been on a training course.  I am now officially an ‘advanced writer and editor’ (please don’t expect any improvements on the writing here.  This is mainly the stuff that falls out of my head via my fingers).

I love training courses but they do highlight my complete inability to remember faces.  I meet all these lovely people, I draw a map of where they are sitting with their names and then…then we leave the room and not only can I not remember their names, but I forget what they look like.  This was highlighted yesterday when a bloke sat opposite me at lunch time and I asked what course he was on (there were all sorts happening in the building).  Of course, he was on the same one as me.  Was sitting opposite me in fact.  He’d just put on his jacket…

It reminded me of a friend’s wedding.  I met her brand new husband for the first time at their reception and half an hour later I was introducing myself and asking who he was.  His answer of ‘the groom’ was more than a bit awkward.  Again though, he had put his jacket on…

I’m going back to calling everyone ‘sweetheart’.  It makes life a lot easier (I just must remember not to refer to managers at work that way…that was another embarrassing moment…)

One of the handouts on the training course today made me giggle a lot…you can have a look below – they are all true headlines that appeared in US publications :o)

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