Lessons Learned this Week

  • Launching a company is the most exciting and terrifying thing, but the lovely words of support, often from unexpected quarters, make it much more fun (by the way, it’s www.poggyw.co.uk. Just thought I’d remind you…)
  • Going to a ‘local business networking event’ can be a lot more fun than anticipated
  • Three nights out in one week is too many when you are trying to launch a company, do a full time job and get stock together for a stall at a Christmas fair…
  • …especially when you have to spend an unscheduled afternoon in hospital
  • It is not a good idea to tell the doctor at the hospital that no, you didn’t go to a doctor straight after your accident, but you did get a vet to check you over.
  • It takes an entire day off, spent in the cellar with a mum to get everything ready for a stall at a Christmas fair (but what we can’t do with cellophane is probably not worth doing)
  • People at Christmas fairs seem to think it is an entirely reasonable thing to pick up one of the lavender bags you have for sale, sniff it, put it back and NOT buy it.  Bleugh. 
  • Having a second piece of ice cream cake can do more than damage your waistline.  It can, apparently, break a tooth (that’ll teach me for being a piggy).
  • It’s possible to break a tooth in such a way that the inside of your cheek gets caught on it…
  • Tomorrow I will be able to tell you how much that second slice cost me… :o(

Also, I know some of you not on facebook might want to take a look at some of the Christmas Fair photos.  You can sneak a peek here :o)

The lovely cellar

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2 Responses to Lessons Learned this Week

  1. lifestylehomeschool says:

    We also prefer to go to the vet first up (daddy-dear) but the doctors don’t really appreciate this!! LOL

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