Shaved legs, sensible knickers and some tests…

I am very proud of two things today:

1) I shaved my legs this morning

2) I wore knickers of a sensible size – not teeny tiny and not the apple catchers I accidently bought a while back that are only really appropriate if you are someones grandmother.

Why?  Because I spent half the day with no trousers on while people did weird things to my right leg.  And not in a good way. (If there is a good way)

It started with a trip to the doctor and finished with an afternoon having tests in hospital.  I wont bore you with the details but there were two real gems I thought might bring a few smiles out.

The first…as I left the doctors surgery with a letter to go to the DVT clinic the doctor looked at me and said:

  • Her: ‘You don’t think it’s fractured do you?’
  • Me: ‘Um, wouldn’t you be in a better position than me to decide that?’
  • Her: ‘I think you’d probably be able to tell….’
  • Me: ‘How?’
  • Her: ‘Well, it would hurt…

I don’t think I’ll be going back to her again.

I had my tests done (and an x-ray as the doctors were rather stunned I’d not been sent for one when I first went to the doctor last week!).  I received one negative DVT result, one positive (but not to worry, as that could be due to the trauma of the accident), nothing is fractured and most likely, I just have bruising of almost every inside bit of my leg due to bleeding that might still be happening.  Lovely. 

So having discovered that, I asked if I could go home.  No.  Apparently I had to wait to be discharged by a consultant.  And they’d lost the consultant.  So…and this was the good bit:  Could I come back on Monday when they would definitely be able to find a consultant to discharge me…

So daft, you have to smile really… :o)

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