From Training Traumas to Train Traumas

I’ve decided that being half asleep on public transport, although inevitable if you have a late night and an early start, it probably best avoided if at all possible.

I wasn’t going to admit to this, but what the hell…Yesterday I was particularly sleepy while waiting for the tube.  I can ony assume that it the reason that I forgot myself and, standing on the northern line platform, I farted.  Now, normally this would not have been too disastrous as there would have been lots of people to look at in a slightly disgusted way to implicate them.  Not yesterday though.  A crowded train had just left and there was just a smattering of us left on the platform.  Enough for it to be very, very obvious where the ‘parp’ had emanated from.  I didn’t move a muscle.  I stared at the advertisement opposite me and pretended it had never happened.  I just hope that nobody else noticed.  I doubt it though.  The platform was very quiet, and frankly, my bottom was not…

I’ve often had the slightly embarrassing incidents everyone does – waking up with a bit of a splutter, being aware that I’ve slept most of the way home with my mouth hanging open and the like, but there is one other that makes me cringe.

It was the time I woke up feeling very grateful to the rail company for providing such comfortable pillows.  I snuggled deeper into mine and reached up to hold on to the corner of it.  As I slowly came too I was aware that the people opposite me were giggling and started to realise that pillows in a train would be a little unlikely.  It turned out that I’d snuggled into the shoulder of the (unknown) bloke next to me.  And the pillow I was grasping?  That was the lapel of his jacket…

Hooray for the weekend!  No chance of any train or tube related episodes  :o)

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