Humphing and a kiss to make it all better

Today started badly due to an incident at the weekend involving some elderflower cordial and my laptop.  It resulted in roughly 3 out of every 4 of my keys not actually typing, turning e-mails and document writing into a physical and mental battle.

Then my train was cancelled.  If my trains went every 10 minutes that wouldn’t be a problem, but it meant 45 minutes of standing on a platform with no shelter while a very boring man felt the need to loudly tell a small group of us how terribly important he was in his office (I felt like telling him that if you had to tell people you were important, generally you weren’t.  I had used all my energy humphing about the train though).

This afternoon we had a 3 hour team teleprecence meeting.  If you’re unaware of the joys of teleprecence, it is a very cool set up in a special room that shows all attendees, life size on screens as though you are all sitting around the same table.  It is very cool…unless the three hours runs into the time you would normally have dozed off on the train home.  And your body decides it fancies a doze no matter where you are and despite the fact that you are surrounded by 80 colleagues across the world including senior management.  I expect the nail marks will fade from my arms in a few days (digging them in was the only way I could stay alert).

To round off the day, we had a team meal.  Which to be fair, although I could have done without another few hours of work talk, was good.  And the food was amazing.  Finally I left to get my last train home…

I’ve had a rule for years that if I have been out for a drink and see a homeless person I have to give them at least £1 as if I can afford a drink, I can afford that.

At the station tonight was a young bloke, begging.  I gave him a couple of pounds and he was so grateful.  As I walked away I thought about how much my dinner had cost and felt terrible.  So I went back and gave him £10.  It wouldn’t have even paid for the main course I’d had, but he looked stunned, then jumped up, informed me he could eat and go to the hostel straight away, then kissed me and rushed off.

OK, there are no selfless acts, but there is a happy homeless guy out there and it did put my day into perspective and put a smile on my face…finally :o)

(PS: before anyone disagrees on helping out homeless people directly, I know the money may have gone on drink or drugs, but he was sober, at least when I chatted to him.  And if I was wrong,  honestly, if you or I were sleeping outside tonight, we’d probably rather do so in oblivion.  I think he’s tucked up somewhere now though and that makes me happy and makes today a good day.)

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6 Responses to Humphing and a kiss to make it all better

  1. Emma says:

    A good day indeed – what a lovely generous person you are. I feel better too now having read that! Sleep well xx

  2. Jeanne says:

    I can always count on a smile when reading The Pog Blog (the trials and tribulations of a lovely human being). Today, I’m leaving with a warm heart. :) Thank you!

  3. sacha kelly says:

    such a luvly retoric-spelling!? so glad to hear all is going fabboloolsly-well told u I couyldn’t spell! loadsd o f love always Sach xxxx

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