The Power of Magical Mystical Shorts

You may have noticed that the unfatness plan has fallen by the wayside somewhat.  The gallstones introduced a lower fat diet.  This was A Good Thing.  I lost quite a bit of weight.  But it’s started creeping back on (it was easy to stick to when low fat was all that was between me and agonising pain – not so easy when if I have too much chocolate I just feel a bit pants).  So I’m back on the bike – I’ve cycled 50 miles in the last week and am generally making more of an effort.

A big old chicken! Just cos I can :o)

But… I was being aware of This Morning, this morning (being aware is having the tv on but not actively watching it because you are a) working too hard to pay it proper attention and b) it’s day time tv – giving it full attention is a complete waste of your time).  So, I was working from home, and being aware of This Morning and my ears pricked up.  They spoke of magical mystical shorts that make you lose 2 jeans sizes in only two weeks AND reduce your cellulite.  They sounded nothing short of miraculous.  All you had to do was wear them three times a week when you did a 30 minute work out.  Well, I do more than 3x 30 minutes a week.  ‘I can do this!’ I thought ‘I will fit in my thin jeans once more!’

Now, I am no fool.  I NEVER buy on impulse.  I research.  I check prices.  I check independent reviews.  However, this morning, my sensible brain must have started the weekend early.  I looked up the name of the shorts and…I parted with enough money to buy most of a winter wardrobe from Primark.

Of course, I will let you know how I get on with the magical mystical shorts.  Because frankly I will be stunned if they work.  But very humphy if they don’t do anything at all.  I will be drawing the line at before and after photos though.  I don’t want to scare you away…


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2 Responses to The Power of Magical Mystical Shorts

  1. Kate williams says:

    Are they the kind of fat pants that take three people and a hoist to get you in them and then you have to stand up all night for fear of them rolling down and cutting you in half?

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