SUCH an animal!

Norman cat is an animal.  Well, obviously he is an animal, but I mean he is an ANIMAL.  The vet may have been right when she speculated at about 10 weeks old that he might grow into a panther one day.

My reasons for this thinking?  Well, aside from the growling at me when he brings in his

The ferocious animal himself

most recent catch and the growling at the postman (do any other cats do that?!) he’s become obsessed with food.  Not content with the biscuits in his bowl, he has taken to knocking over the box (of the same biscuits) and helping himself.  

Last week I had two bagels in my work bag.  He managed to liberate them from that bag, then from the carrier bag and the bakery bag they were in.  I caught him at the point where he was doing a very good job of killing them – before he munched through half of each one (well, it seemed daft trying to wrestle them off him – his growling is rather ferocious).  He now checks all bags left within his reach…

And then there was Saturday.  I was having chicken chow mien and a glass of wine and (very stupidly) wandered away from it.  I returned to find Norman cat snaffling the food rapidly followed by a slurp of Pinot!

Earlier this evening a neighbour came over asking if I’d seen her missing cat.  It’s the second neighbour in the past month to lose her furball.  And Charlie went a-wandering for 4 days a couple of weeks back.  We speculated that maybe someone is ‘taking in’ passing cats.  Maybe there is an upside to Norman cats’ animal tendancies – he’s never stayed away for more than a few hours so maybe he is too much of an animal for the cat-knapper.


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5 Responses to SUCH an animal!

  1. Kate williams says:

    Do you think Norman cat is eating missing cats? Or that he’s run them out of town, so he can eat their dinners?

  2. jands says:

    Call me melodromatic, but could it be that Norman is in fact ‘eating’ the missing cats!!
    oh now, there’s a thought….
    Notice I’m making this accusation from the safety of a 20 mile gap

  3. jands says:

    There maybe safety in numbers, just noticed that I’m not alone in accusing Norman of canabalism. No, he looks far to cute with hindsight.

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