A touch of Bumpkinsville

I’ve had rather a busy weekend…but now I’m capable of cycling again, I thought I should try to fit in a bike ride. So at 8.30am I was donning my lovely lycra and peddling round the village. And suddenly I felt like I’d slipped into Midsomer murders (without the body count issue though…although I did investigate the mystery of the disappearing cows on Saturday – and solved it). Anyway, what I mean is that there was a proper village atmosphere going on…

People walking back from picking up their papers ‘Good morninged me’. Pest Control man cheerily shouted hello as I passed him on his morning stroll round the village. Some neighbours tooted as they drove past and I was waved at by all 5 of them. Chris-with-the-two-dogs shouted hi and to top it off, my next door neighbour when I was 5 cycled past and we did the cyclist nod-wave (something to be done to all cyclists as you pass whether you know them or not. Not returning a nod-wave is, in my book, rudeness of a very unnecessary kind).

Combined with the sun, sheep, and shiny conkers it was a lovely Country Bumpkinsville start to the day indeed.

Then I went a spent the rest of the day in a cellar. I’ll explain that one later in the week…


A Bumpkinsville sunset

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