A day of toastiness, dead flip flops and dinosaurs

Quite toasty it was today in Bumpkinsville.  I wanted to get some sewing done though, so what to do?  I didn’t want to miss the last lovely weekend of the year so…

 …I set up outside…

Al fresco sewing

 …in direct sunlight.  Where it got more than a little toasty…

that's 43.6c!

I think it may have affected my brain as I didn’t notice this innocent Monster snacking on my flip flop.

Innocence...with big ears and a squashed nose

Which Sister 2 ‘fixed’ for me:

Obviously it is the left one in this picture that had the Sister 2 treatment

So I now have one fully functioning flip flop and one that is dead.  On the other hand, before the flip flop murder, I made these:


 Quite pleased with them, I am :o)

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