Bumpkinsville, bikes, and baking

On Sunday I thought it would be nice to take my camera cycling so you could see Bumpkinsville for yourself.

I took a photo so you could see I really was on the bike:


I took one at Bumpkinsville central:

I took one of my favourite view where I always take a breather and get a bit of perspective:

And then it all got a bit food orientated….I found this:


Note:  It is just possible to get 1lb of walnuts in your back pocket.  It does get you a few odd looks though.

And then I saw a little old man setting this up:

Don’t worry – I didn’t stick them down my shorts or anything daft – I went back for some when I was in the car later on.  

And today I had a teleconference that I was dreading.  I was so twitchy I decided that to be able to listen properly I had to do something rather than stare into space.  So I peeled the apples I picked up on Sunday and made a rather delicious batch of apple, sultana and cinnamon low fat Pog’s Genius Muffins.

A sunny bike ride, free food and lovely muffins.  Not bad, is it? :o)

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