Hey honey, I’m home!

You may have noticed that the typing coming from Pog Towers has been somewhat non- existent lately (or maybe I just have tabs on myself and there are far more interesting things going on in your life to notice the lack of my ramblings).

a teeny bit of Ithaca

Anyhoo, the lack of rambling has been due to the removal of myself, 40 socks and 2 pillows to the lovely Greek island of Ithaca. (It turns out that it’s not possible for me to just ‘sit’.  I now have to ‘sit and sew’.  This prompted a local to enquire near the end of the holiday ‘what is it that you’re doing?  I have seen you sewing in all areas of the island…’) I didn’t want to mention my absence before I went as I was worried that someone may read the blog and take it upon themselves to burgle Pog Towers for my valuable stash of, erm…socks.

There was, of course Charlie and Norman here guarding the socks.  They were fantastically looked after by a small army of friends, ably led by Sister 2 (thank you again Sweety).  Never was it more evident that the boys had been making the most of my absence though, than when I walked through the front door and discovered the lounge liberally covered in feathers and bird poo.  No sign of the bird though.  After much cleaning (me) and meowing (them) I sat on the sofa…and smelled a funny smell.  I put it down to the house not being aired properly for a while, ignored it and went to bed.  But the whiff was still there the next morning.  So I moved the sofa and found:

6 cotton reels, 1 bobbin, 1 chopstick, 2 biros and……………………

 ………………..yes, that’ll be 1 rotting frog.  Thanks for that then boys.  It’s good to be back :o)

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