Fruit Loop Alert

Ok, so the postman thinks I have a sock fetish (he’s not said it, but he does raise his eyebrows when he hands me the parcels of over the knee socks that are delivered with increasing frequency)…

All the staff at the local Tesco ask me if I am wearing or cutting up any socks or clothes that I buy…

At least one neighbour has noticed that the back seat of my car is full of pillows (well, they were on special offer and it’s amazing how many you need for Pogimal midwifery).  I wouldn’t keep them in the car normally, but have I mentioned how small Pog Towers is..?

And tonight I have excelled myself.  Having rescued a frog once from the paws of Charlie I found Norman chasing him (the frog, not Charlie) back up the garden.  I attempted to use myself as a human shield between the two as I heard myself shouting ‘Hop Mr Froggy, hop, hop away!’   So now that’s pretty much all the neighbours who will think I’m a fruit loop…

I need a break… :o)

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2 Responses to Fruit Loop Alert

  1. Simon R says:

    You *are* a fruit loop, honey.

    Nice use of “fruit loop”, btw. Still one of my favourite chunks of English.

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