Popcorn Pog style

I had a cunning plan that I thought could be a new strand of the un-fatness plan.  As it turned out though (and no doubt this will come as a real surprise to you), it didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped…

You see, since I gave up smoking 1.5 years ago (round of applause please), my ability to snack has come on in leaps and bounds.  Not snacking appears not to be an option as once a ‘smackeral’ thought has made it through the fluff and into my brain, I can’t concentrate on anything else.  Last year I spent every spare second I had cycling so it wasn’t an issue.  Unfortunately, Pogimal midwifery does not burn a comparable number of calories…

So anyway, I thought to myself that if I am going to snack, I should probably snack on something healthy (please don’t suggest raw veg and hummus.  I just end up exchanging the veg for lumps of cheese and ‘finishing off’ with a chocolate hobnob – dark, obviously.)  So…‘popcorn’ I thought after reading about its tummy filling abilities.  And as I couldn’t find ready popped popcorn without doses of sugar, salt or caramel, I asked to borrow Sister 2’s popcorn making machine.

Now, I’m not sure how many parts a popcorn machine should have, but I’m pretty sure there should be more than just the one.  Because Sister 2’s machine has no lid and no catcher.  Now, I’m not daft (contrary to popular belief), so I popped a plate on where I thought a lid should go and placed a bowl in front to do the catching.  It would seem though that once popped, popcorn can move in all different directions meaning you have to play a bit of a catching game as it pours out.  It also expands A LOT more than you expect so a few bowls are needed.  In addition, if a kernel should refuse to pop it burns.  Burning popcorn sets off the smoke alarm.  Repeatedly.  So while running around the kitchen with multiple bowls, a few stretches to kill off the alarm are also required…

If that had been it, I would have found the best snack.  One that integrates a workout into the smackeral time.  Unfortunately though, I discovered that the very, very best way to eat popcorn is while simultaneously munching a bite size Toblerone.  I’ve not decided which is best though – dark, milk or white.  I think I’ll do another quick experiment to try to work it out again.  Purely for research of course.  That doesn’t really count as a snack, does it?


and this is why I am a whale...

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