Lessons Learned

This is what I have learned this weekend:

 Norman believes that Pog Towers is a self service buffet.  (Although as he managed to break into the Go Cat and help himself while there was an open bag of Whiskas next too it, it’s probably safe to assume that there wont be an issue in swapping brands…)

 Charlie is partial to a spot of gardening

 If you make a Pogimal out of a pale pink over the knee sock, there is a danger it will end up looking like a giant penis.  I have given him a cap to stop any further boast of giggles as I’m worried his feelings may get hurt… (see him in his cap and other ‘newbies’ here)

A bout of RPI (Repetitive Pogimal Injury) lasts a good 5 days.  Happily, I am now on top of my orders :o)

The local phone box has once again been ‘accessorised’  I wasn’t aware there was an entirely bald  female tennis star, but then nobody could accuse me of following the sport (I lost interest when my school PE teacher gave up completely and let me sunbathe through tennis lessons).

So there you go :o)

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