An appealing (appalling?!) dinner!

Short and sweet tonight as all things are rather hurty.  

After a few bouts of pain that I’ve been informed are as bad as childbirth (and I’m not arguing – I thought I was dying), I was popped into hospital for a couple of days for a bit of investigation.  Entertainment was also thrown in, in the form of babysitting a lovely, very senile 92 year old who kept going for a wander and then losing her bed…

Anyway, I was encouraged to eat so I went for a jacket potato and rice pudding.  I know it’s the NHS (and don’t get me wrong – the staff were all lovely).  But I did envisage a bit of side salad…or something…anything to add a bit of colour…

Just thought you might be amused (?).

(Gall stones btw.  Operation to follow.   Joy)


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