Worming and Wellies

I took the boys to the vets on Friday for their worming tablets and their 3 monthly check (Norman may have now moved from labrador status to that of a puma but it’s nothing to worry about…yet, apparently).  The visits – or at least the drive there and back – usually result in a bath when we arrive, a bath when we get home, a couple of grumpy fur balls and a very stinky car.

This time though, (possibly because I severely limited the biscuit intake) there was no a poo in sight, let alone covering them both.  Instead we had a bit of a sing-song in the car.

I am very proud.

The next lesson is to teach them to wear their wellies when it is muddy.  Or at least not to climb on the bed if they wont… :o)

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2 Responses to Worming and Wellies

  1. Martin says:

    omg, those back paw prints look like as big as a childs hand print or a puma :o)

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