Size isn’t everything you know…

I really object to being a grown up sometimes. And I REALLY object to an estate agent talking to me about ‘my generation and maybe even yours’ as though I was old enough to be his mother.  Grrr.

We do 'compact' well :o)

I had Pog Towers valued by a couple of estate agents today.  I was a little concerned that the size may be a let down – I may have mentioned before that I live in the smallest house ever built.  It was summed up really well a few years back by a friends little boy (out of the mouths of babes and all that) when he walked through the house, got to the back door and enquired, in all innocence. ‘Where’s the rest?’

Neither of the estate agents were quite that direct but I did feel a bit daft showing them around in five steps.  Cosy and compact is what the boys and I like though, so I think we will stay here and cultivate the ‘mad cat woman’ label I’m pretty sure the neighbours have given me on the quiet.

Staying put saves having to deal with young whipper-snapper estate agents too which frankly, can only be a good thing :o)

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2 Responses to Size isn’t everything you know…

  1. Simon R says:

    Estate Agents are designed to bring stress, disorder and expense to that most stressful of experiences, moving house. I feel quite strongly about this.

    Indeed, here’s an excerpt from my Top 100 Cretin list:

    96. Anyone involved in the production of local news TV
    97. IT Recruitment Consultants (especially those qualified in History of Art)
    98. Arms Dealers
    99. Drug Dealers
    100. Estate Agents

    Sigh. I do so love your pogblog. Mine, I fear (and were to have one), would attract a readership of grumpy old men.

    • thepogblog says:

      You certainly do feel strongly don’t you?! 97 is brillant :o)
      I do grumping very well (as you may remember). I just try to keep it out of the blog. I’d read your grumpy old men blog though. xxx

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