Speed? Check. Nap? Check. Distance? Check. Technique? Erm…

The un-fatness plan has been back on with a vengeance this week and this morning I was particularly proud of myself.  Firstly because I managed to master the art of the two second swim nap (yes, really) and secondly because I finally feel I have earned my right to be in the medium lane (rather than the slow lane) as I can consistently match the pace of most of the other swimmers.

The downside of the medium lane is the vast quantity of testosterone contained within it.  It seems most blokes have to overtake as many swimmers as possible in a splashy fashion to demonstrate their masculinity and the fact that they are almost fast enough for the fast lane.  I managed to cope though and became proud of myself for a third reason when I finished 100 lengths.

Proud that is, until I got home and Sister 1 called up and told me to look at her wall on Facebook… 

To cut a long story short, she and a friend had realised that he and I had been swimming at the same time.  In the same pool.  In the same lane.

Their conversation went something like this:

Sister 1:  She wears a blue hat and nose clip…and only swims breast stroke

Him: Blue hat and nose clip…. I think I overtook her, she did not look happy so I dared not do it again…

Sister 1: she isn’t speedy but that’s cause she won’t put her face in the water!

Him: Why does she wear nose clips then?

Then I was informed and joined in to set the record straight – that I was not in the wrong lane as I too was over taking people and that I was not unhappy he overtook – that is just my face.  And than I got this:

Him: I was surprised with how fast you were able to swim with such awful technique!!! :oP


I do admit that I look like a deformed giraffe when I swim.  And I wear the nose clip to stop water going up my nose while my head stays above the water at all times (it never goes under water intentionally).  But hey, I am getting more speedy and I am able to swim for longer, so my awful technique and I will continue as we are.  And we may even develop the two second swim nap further…you read it here first!  :o)

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3 Responses to Speed? Check. Nap? Check. Distance? Check. Technique? Erm…

  1. Simon R says:

    He may have good technique – but can he make cookies?

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