A new toy and a step back in time

You know how some people have a ‘calling’ in life?  In their career, or to be a mum or to do some ridiculous level of goodness?  Well, I think I have now identified mine. 

I think my calling was to be a 1950’s housewife.  The flaw here being that I was born around 60 years too late and don’t have a husband.  Not one to be deterred by such minor details though, I am embracing my alter ego with a passion.  Because yesterday there was great excitement at Pog Towers.  Yesterday, my very first, very grown up sewing machine was delivered!

To take a step back (as they say a lot at work), a while ago I made a pact with myself.  I decided that when I had £100 in my pot from selling cards I was allowed to buy something frivolous that I could not justify spending real money on (card money, in my head has evidently developed some sort of ‘unreal’ quality).  I set my heart on a huge wooden toadstool to go in the garden.  Oversized, overpriced, but very lovely indeed.  I met my £100 target a couple of weeks ago and decided to trundle to the garden centre for my prize, only to have second thoughts – it did seem a bit of a waste of money, even unreal money.

The first project...

And that is when I had my brainwave!  If I bought a sewing machine, not only could I run up Pogimals at the speed of light, but I could also work on a whole host of other stuff. 

To my amazement, last night I managed singlehandedly and without having to resort to the Pog helpline (calling mum) to wind bobbins, thread the machine and even make a Pogimal (admittedly, it was far from ‘at the speed of light’, but I might get there eventually).

The only real issues I had were that scaredy cat Charlie bolts for the cat flap as soon as the machine makes a noise while hard-as-nails Norman has taken to trying to catch the needle as it sews…

I’m sure the excitement over my new toy is not quite fitting for a singleton in 2011, but hey ho.  Now I just have to see if I can make that ‘whole host of other stuff’ with it :o)

Here's one I made earlier :o)

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4 Responses to A new toy and a step back in time

  1. Melinda says:

    Sammy was the honoured recipient of the world’s first sewing-machine Pogimal? He loves it. And so do I. x

  2. Martin says:

    ooooooo, is the little one made from super soft little person socks? It is going to scare people that another grown adult is excited about that isn’t it!!

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